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Who am I ?

Passionate about spirituality and psychology, I write books and I offer personalized support, nourished by more than twenty years of spiritual development, through initiation teachings. and  shamanic, meditation and  the young.

At the same time as this personal journey, after a first life as a high-level athlete until the age of 21, where I took part in my last world championship, I started a career in finance in 2005, until become a wealth manager, in France and then in Switzerland.


I have thus supported, for more than twelve years, business leaders and celebrities in their issues related to the management of their wealth and the resulting change of life, but also the necessary "letting go"  for it. Over the years, according to my professional exhaustion, I noticed that the spiritual and psychological dimension was central, and inseparable from the material considerations for which I was consulted.

I started in 2017, a profound change of life in order to continue this spiritual quest with more depth, through a long journey (inside and outside) and many experiences around the world, around shamanism, altered states of consciousness. , meditation, fasting, and sacred plants (Peru, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Thailand, Canada).

At the beginning of 2018 I created a Facebook page called "Par un Curieux Hasard", on which I write short texts related to personal development and spirituality. It has two years later more than 8 million views and 36,000 subscribers. In 2019, it gave birth to two books of the same name, sold in several thousand copies. A third is published at the end of 2020. The fourth is being written ...


I accompany, individually or collectively, those who are aware of being "on the way", and who wish to begin the healing of their wounds and trauma, a process of inner evolution, a deep transformation, or simply an exploration of the Self.


Today, therapist* and writer, I put my different lives (athlete, director, writer, mystic & explorer) for the benefit of a wider audience. Through a therapeutic approach based on listening and benevolence, in the form of individual consultations, workshops and retreats.

* In any case, I do not substitute for the advice of the medical profession  and traditional psychotherapeutic

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